Your Comments – Violations of City Code

City code states that the mining project must not be detrimental to the health, safety or general welfare of residents.  (CLICK HERE for city code.) It also mentions safety of “persons”, which could be assumed to include the general public.

In what ways do you see this project as violating city code?

In making comments, it would be helpful for you to look at the request for Professional Statements – CLICK HERE.  In that section, several concerns are raised.  They are ones which require experts to provide statements.  (Your help is NEEDED to find those experts!) There may be additional considerations.  Those comments would be most helpful.


1 Response to “Your Comments – Violations of City Code”

  1. 1 Brenda W. Lovell April 16, 2009 at 2:02 am

    Dear Sirs:

    Allowing mining in Rock Canyon is detrimental to the health, safety and general welfare of it’s citizens.

    Twelve years ago, we purchased our home at 2176 Temple View Dr. partly because of the easy access to the hiking activities in Rock Canyon with our 23 grandchildren, ranging from 9 months to 14 years of age, and we use the paved road as the access because strollers and toddlers are involved when we go. As the children get older, we will use the canyon for daily walks. We use Rock Canyon for exercise in order to increase our health, and to get away from the noise and stress of city life. The children climb on and learn from the beautiful rocks that will be taken away by this mining. My mother who resides on this access road to the canyon, hikes every other day in the canyon. She is 72. Every time I drive by the parking lot to Rock Canyon, there are always cars there…early in the morning to late evening…every day of the week.
    The fresh air and peace in the canyon, along with the clear water are sacred to all. We the citizens, are encouraged into healthy activity by this peaceful canyon. Destroying this hiking and climbing landmark in Provo is detrimental to the health of Provo citizens.

    We also use Rock Canyon Park weekly, crossing the down hill road the trucks would use to carry the rock out. Small children cross here daily. We will no longer be so safe at the cross walk. In winter, here, the roads are often unsafe for cars trying to stop at the stop sign. Heavy trucks will surely be a hazard for all. Safety for the citizens is a welfare you must provide.

    There are joggers, walkers, and bikers using these cross roads at the four way stop. Some days, I see as many as 20 people running or walking past my home and going up towards the canyon, around the LDS Temple, or crossing over to Rock Canyon Park…all using this same road. The dust made by these trucks will cause health hazards to all of us on these city streets, in our very own yards, this park, this canyon, and to all pedestrian and joggers who use these cross streets everyday.. The city must uphold the standards needed for good health and safety.

    I’m very conserned about the noise created by mining in Rock Canyon . We have an inactive fault just up the hill from our home. The hillside on the back of our home, is so steep, that it already covers the base of our home and up 5 feet. Explosions may cause more landslides…or an earthquake that is already a very real concern to us.

    As citizens, we must expect you to preserve safety to “persons” …being home owners, pedestrian, joggers, or children.

    Please use your powers to protect us.

    Brenda W. Lovell

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