Saving Rock Canyon on National Trails Day – Saturday, June 6th

–Give Back to the Canyon that Gives So Much–

DATE & TIME: Sat Jun 6 from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm

PLACE: Rock Canyon Trailhead, Pavilion & Amphitheater
1400 East 2300 North

• JOIN US as we honor efforts nationwide to Clean Up, Repair and Beautify the trails in Rock Canyon. WE ALL USE THESE TRAILS – so let’s show some good stewardship by Stepping Up, Cleaning Up and Fixing Up the trails and routes in the canyon.

• MORE – Letter Writing to Key Officials (pavilion-all day)
• MORE – Quick & Easy Usage Surveys (pavilion-all day)
• NEW! – Volunteer Work Crews at 7am, 9 am, 1pm
• MORE – Free! Live! Music! from 6-10 pm (amphitheater)
• MORE – Save Rock Canyon tees for sale (pavilion-all day)

• Are you hiker? Cleanup crews will be meeting at 9 am and 1 pm at the pavilion. Bring a bag or bucket for trash. Don’t forget gloves, a hat & sunscreen. (4 hands & legs are better than 2- so why not bring a friend for a hike afterward?)

• Are you a climber? There will be some Terracing and Erosion Repair in the Tinker Toys climbing area, just before the Green Gate. Look for signs. Crews at 7 & 9 AM. Bring gloves, and a shovel and other trail tools if you have them. (And a partner for some climbing while you’re at it…)

• Volunteers: Interested in helping out with the event?
For more info, email:


2 Responses to “Saving Rock Canyon on National Trails Day – Saturday, June 6th”

  1. 1 rockcanyonadvocates July 3, 2009 at 11:31 pm

    Dear “Breadfry”,

    We are not affiliated with Mr. Mooney. I would appreciate knowing the source of your information regarding a connection between James Mooney and Preserve Rock Canyon.

    Thank you.Rock canyon Advocate

  2. 2 Eileen July 4, 2009 at 3:41 pm

    I have followed Mooney’s court case for years. As a Native American person. I want to say that he does not represent the Native American Community of Utah, nor does he have close contact with them, maybe a couple of “hang around the fort indians” but…that does not count. He does not have a voice with the spiritual leaders of our Utah Native American community. He profits off our people. And chooses to test the bounds of Native American religious freedom rights, to the point that the US Government may crack down to legitimate practices. He is all in it for self and profit….our way of life is for sale

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