Forest Service Concern for Rock Canyon

Many of you have wanted to know how the U.S. Forest Service is responding to the mining threat in Rock Canyon.

On July 9th, 2009, the Forest Service District Ranger over Rock Canyon – Sylvia Clark – met with two representatives of our group and there was a discussion of how the mining enterprise would adversely impact Forest Service property.  She has scheduled a meeting with representatives from Provo City regarding specific elements of the conflict.  Additionally, Ms. Clark said that the Forest Service DOES consider the Rock Canyon issue as a priority.

Brian Ferebee, the Forest Supervisor, wrote the following letter to the citizens who have written letters of concern.  Please feel free to comment on the letter.

Dear Concerned Public:

Thank for your correspondence regarding concerns for both existing and long term uses of Rock Canyon. The proposed rock quarry is located on private property adjacent to National Forest System lands. The rights associated with private land falls under jurisdiction of the local city government.

As part of the Forest Service mission and stewardship, we are required to provide reasonable access to private land when property is surrounded by National Forest System lands. To facilitate the process for access, the private land owner would need to initiate a request for access.   The Forest Service would then determine where, when, and to what level access would be granted through a special-use permit.

The Uinta National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan provides guidelines to identify lands that could be acquired by the Forest Service. The private land in Rock Canyon meets the intent of the criteria in terms of lands that enhance public access or recreation opportunities, provide protection to aesthetic values, and lands that would effect more logical and efficient management (e.g. isolated private inholdings). We have attempted to acquire the parcel in Rock Canyon, based on the criteria above, but were unsuccessful.

Once again, I appreciate your letter of concern, and if you would like to have further discussion please contact the Pleasant Grove District Ranger at (801) 785-3563.


Brian Ferebee

Forest Supervisor


1 Response to “Forest Service Concern for Rock Canyon”

  1. 1 Ryan McBride October 12, 2009 at 1:04 am

    I appreciate the Forest Service’s efforts, and hope they know that I personally appreciate them — and hope they will continue to try to make headway to preserve Rock Canyon. I believe this is the hour where the nobility of our leaders and government agencies will be tested — Now they have the opportunity to make choices and policies that will affect our quality of life and that of future generations. I love Rock Canyon and hope my children can enjoy it too.

    Mr. Ferebee, thanks for your continuing efforts.

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