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BACKGROUND: Rock Canyon, adjacent to Provo, Utah draws several thousands of people annually who seek recreation, renewal and inspiration. Locals as well as people from afar are inspired by its beauty and value the multitude of natural resources for hikers, climbers, bikers and those interested in geology, wildlife, and other nature interests.

Now, ROCK CANYON is under SERIOUS THREAT of being ruined by a mining operation.

If this is not stopped, the “YOSEMITE OF UTAH” would no longer be the JEWEL of our community.

It is important for EACH ONE OF US to take action so that Rock Canyon will be preserved for generations to come.


1. COMPLETE THE ON-LINE SURVEY so we can document use of the public canyon.  It takes 2 minutes!  CLICK HERE to take the survey.

2. WRITE to the KEY OFFICIALS at Provo City who will make the critical decisions regarding the fate of the canyon.  CLICK HERE to get their names and contact information.  ALL LETTERS WILL BE READ by the members of the Planning Commission before the decision is reached.  However letters MUST address certain issues to be effective.  For the critical issues, CLICK HERE.

3. CONTACT the FOREST SERVICE. The Rock Canyon mining claim sits on Forest Service land and key people need to know that the citizens want them to PRIORITIZE a LAND SWAP for the mining claim.  Since the Forest Service holds much of the undeveloped land in Utah, they have the power to trade land with similar resources in a different location.  CLICK HERE for names and contact information.

4. FIND EXPERTS who can write professional statements regarding the negative impact of mining at the mouth of Rock Canyon, such as geologists or attorneys with experience in patented mining claims. CLICK HERE for an extensive listing of experts needed.

5. SHARE this WEBSITE with others.  Awareness in the community will impact the outcome.  Place a link to the homepage on your blogs, email it to your friends, give it to organizations who share vested interest.

6. Give INPUT and IDEAS to improve this website including additional information, important updates, links to articles, accuracy issues.  You can contact the administrator here:


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