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In 1978, the land where the mining claim is located was annexed from the county to Provo City into the Heritage Mountain Annexation.

In April 1998, there was the purchase of 84.5 acres of patented mining rights on the property at the gates of Rock Canyon by Richard Davis and Greg Sperry. The following year, Sperry sold half of his interest to Stephen Kapelow.

In October 2003, Davis hired Saratoga Springs contractors Michael McPhilomy Sr. and son to begin excavating at the mouth of Rock Canyon on the south and cliffs on the north. Without municipal approval, the move was illegal. The dig below the Red Slab violated an order by Fourth District Court Judge Derek Pullan not to dig until proper permits were obtained. Rock removal was conducted on both sides of the canyon leaving large scars in the rock faces.

In August 2004, John Valentine, Phil Lowry and state senator Curt Bramble formed Red Slab, LLC, and purchased 25% of the property rights and granted Provo city a conservation easement.

In November 2007, the Utah Supreme Court ruled against Davis’s battle to void the annexation from Utah County to Provo City in 1978.

In February 2009, Richard Davis applied for a conditional use permit to operate a rock quarry, weekdays up to 10 hours a day during daylight hours, according to Park. As many as 12 to 14 truckloads a day of rock would be removed daily.

Provo City has provided a more detailed outline of the history which you can view by clicking HERE.


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